What do we offer?

Opportunities for personal stability

We offer:

  • Sober Housing

  • Counseling 

    • Individual

    • Group

  • Life Skills Building

  • Employment Contacts

  • Self-employment

New Life

Professional Advice Personal Services

You can find:

  • New & safe start  

  • New supportive friends

  • New habits & attitudes

  • New income sources

  • New purpose

  • New respect

  • New life

  • New sources of strength

Hope when Hopeless

No job, No home, No skills & No education. Alternatives!

 You experience:

  • Peer Support

  • Goal directed behavior

  • Creative Thinking

  • Solving Problems 

  • Encouragement & Support

  • Accountability

  • Responsible behavior

  • Respect

Our mission is to provide sober housing & financial opportunities for those 18-24 years old.  


We hope this site informs readers about the work we do and our plans for the future. If you would like to become involved, contact us through the web site or call us (615) 810-9521 we will be happy to your answer questions. We hope you will become involved in our adventure! 

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